Nature’s canvas

Nature creates an aurora of beauty silently, just need eyes of a beholder, beauty lies around us.
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Never wished to read the news of a terror act as a first thing in the morning. First, it was #Berlin#Nice,#Stockholm #London #Charlottesville now#Barcelona Heart ached or missed a beat after seeing the horrific act of some fanatic cowards killing innocents. Almost a year ago, we walked in the same street with some finest people Vikas Gingine Arka Chakraborty. Every day I cherish those moments of this lovely city. We know no one can stop you from spreading the love and Showing it to the world. Be with you always #Barcelona_resilience #lovespain

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Lisboa Diary

Every day since the day I arrived here. Lisboa/ Lisbon has something different to offer which has never been heard and said before.
I was very sceptical about the new experiences and changes around myself.
Being a foreign student in the most prestigious university in this country gives a sense of pride.
From the very first moment when I put my foot on this land, I felt a strong connection within. The first night I spent in a very small room of my promised apartment but next morning things started changing all round.
My flatmates were non-Portuguese, so English become a way of communication with all. Slowly, I started learning greetings and saying “Obrigado” to each and everyone.
When you arrived a place which speaks a different language, eat different foods, wear different wardrobes and still accept you as their one.

You will be astonished and surprised to their humbleness and innocence.

Life of a Science Scholar

Nothing comes free in this life.

A profession which would be most respected in the society is suffering from an Identity crisis now. Here, is the retrospect of this profession which has referred even greater than Gods, ages before.Yup ..I am talking about Educators, Teachers, Pursuers of Knowledge, whatever you call them, all are equal. Before coming to this level, where they can give something back to the society, all have to be a scholar at some point of time.

More precisely, this story belongs to Science scholar and his journey to wisdom.

Ask yourself not me

Everything can’t be defined, if you feel my presence n miss me in my absence., if you wish to be with me, if you can trust me, if you think i can hold ur hand in any conditions, if you knw i can understand ur silence den jst close ur eyes n
 ask ur self not me what you want.